Publication Ethics

Helics Group follows the subsequent ethics to maintain high quality of the Journal.

Data Fabrication

Manipulating research data with the intent of giving a wrong impression. This comprises manipulating images, removing “difficult” results, altering, adding or flouting data points, etc.

Data falsification

This means the researcher did the experiment, but then changed some of the data.


Our Journals doesn't permit any type of Plagiarism and pre-published submissions. Henceforth, we emphatically recommend our authors to exhaustive check of the article content before submitting it to our Journals for publication. We request our Authors to utilize "Online Plagiarism Checking software’s" to check for the plagiarism prior to submission in the initial phase, though they are not totally consistent. For more information refer Here Plagiarism Policy.

Multiple Submissions

It is not ethical to submit the same manuscript to more than one Journal at the same time. Doing this, wastes the time of editors and reviewers, and can damage the reputation of Journals if published in more than one.

Redundant Publications

This means publishing several manuscripts based on the same experiment which makes the readers less attentive towards your manuscripts.