Ricardo Gobato



State Department of Education and Sport (SEED) of Parana



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Dr. Ricardo Gobato is a full professor at the State Department of Education and Sport (SEED) of Parana, NRE/Londrina/PR Brazil, since 1984. He has a specialization in General Didactics, in Teaching Strategies for Numerous Rooms, at the Educational Institute of Assis/SP, in 1998, and also in Special Education, in Assistance to People with Special Needs, in 2007. He is a Master in Physics, in Computational Biophysics, with a study of drugs, with the theme "Benzocaine, a computational study", from the State University of Londrina/PR, in 2008. He obtained his Ph.D. in Physics, in the area of Anisotropic Fluid Thermodynamics, with the theme “The Lyotropic Indicatrix”, from the State University of Londrina/PR, in 2012. He is currently the Editor -in -Chief of the Parana Journal of Science and Education (PJSE - ISSN 2447-6153), leader of the Laboratory of Biophysics and Molecular Modeling Genesis, SEED/PR, researcher full of Green Land Landscaping and Gardening, Seedling Growth Laboratory, all since 2015. He is credited to publish 80 papers on several research fronts such as Meteorology in the study of tornadoes; Climatology in the study of the effects of climate change on the emission of fossil fuels and absorption by mangroves; Radiotherapy and effects of radioisotopes, synchrotron radiation, in the treatment of cells and tumors; Molecular Biophysics, the structure of atoms and molecules, with the development of new molecules for the development of molecule bio-inorganic membrane, crystals in the treatment of cancer cells and tumors with synchrotron radiation; Development of a new theory of general relativity based on the YARK theory of gravity.

Area of Interests

Thermodynamics of anisotropic fluids; Structure of atoms and molecules; Molecular dynamics via quantum mechanics; Vortex and Gravitation.