Prafulla K Jha



The M S University of Baroda



Area of Interests

Condensed Matter Physics and Nanomaterials: Current research interests include computational studies (first principles quantum mechanical studies) of graphene, other carbon allotropes, boron nitride, metal and semiconductor nanoparticles and nanowires, Complex oxides, nuclear materials, and transition metal alloys and heterostructure materials using plane wave pseudopotential methods. Low frequency Raman Spectroscopic study of Metal and Semiconductor Nanoparticles. 


Specific: Nanophononics and Phonon Engineering: Vibrational and mechanical properties of Nanoparticles, Biological objects Hybrid nanostructures; Raman   Spectroscopy of semiconductor nanoparticles.

Vibrational properties of Complex oxides: Colossal magnetoresistance    materials.                       

 High pressure Behavior of Solids:  Calculations of Phonon dynamics & structural Pressure driven Phase transition by using Model Theory and First principles ab-initio Technique.