Monika Paluch Ferszt

Scientist Researcher

University of Warsaw




Dr. Monika Paluch-Ferszt is an Scientist Researcher at Heavy Ion Laboratory University of Warsaw (Poland) and Research & Development Expert in the project Nuclear Physics InnovAtion (NuPIA - a part of European Nuclear Science and Applications Research - 2 project). She obtained her PhD in Applications of Nuclear Physics in Medicine at the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland).  She also gained experience working in several oncology hospitals as a medical physicist. In her present work she deals with irradiation of electronic materials and biological cells with heavy ions beam.


Area of Interests

Dr. Monika Paluch-Ferszt research interests include applications of nuclear physics in medicine (in particular: radiotherapy and brachytherapy), dosimetry of ionizing radiation doses delivered to the patients, irradiations of electronic materials and biological cells and studying their reaction of this.