Matteo Tonezzer



University of Trento




Matteo Tonezzer received his Ph.D. degree “cum laude” from the Faculty of Physics at the University of Trento, Italy. His thesis was regarding the optimization of inorganic and organic nanostructured materials toward gas sensing. In 2011, he won the Young Scientist Award from the European Materials Research Society (EMRS). He worked in research centers in France (ESRF), Brazil (UFMG), Vietnam (HUST), Italy (INFM, CNR), South Korea (INHA) and USA (GeorgiaTech). He is currently working for IMEM at the Italian National Research Council. He is author of around thirty papers on international journals and contributed, also with invited talks, to tens of international conferences. He is reviewer for 25 international peer-review journals, and organizer and chairman of international conferences.

Area of Interests

His main area of interest concerns the sensing properties of nanostructured organic and inorganic materials, both for applicative uses and for fundamental investigation. He also implements machine learning techniques to achieve an improved selectivity from resistive sensors.