Koustubh Kabe

Research Associate


Mumbai University




Koustubh Kabe is a theoretical physicist. He is a research associate at the Department of Physics (Autonomous) of Mumbai University. He is mostly occupied with research in gravity and time, as well as, black hole thermodynamics. He has published over a dozen sole-authored papers in various international journals dealing upon these subjects. His first paper on black hole dynamic potentials fetched him an offer to write a book which he did with Lambert Academic Publishers, titled, "Black Hole Dynamic Potentials and Condensed Geometry". He is currently working on a gauge model of time and gravity. He is a member of the FQXI, the Foundational Questions Institute. 

Area of Interests

Koustubh Kabe has a wide variety of research interests in theoretical physics. However, his core work is in the physics of time and time asymmetry, gravity, Holographic Principle and Quantum Gravity, quantum measurement, and conceptual and philosophical understanding of quantum mechanics. He also works on foundational issues in theoretical physics.