Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines:
Submit the manuscript through online Link/revert to the Email id.
Journal of Physics and Advanced Applications accept and publish unique research manuscripts of modern approaches/innovations of any length.
Unpublished, full-length articles that are original in results are encouraged.
The journal follows the double-blinded peer-review process feasibly sent to two expert reviewers to conserve the standards and quality of the paper.
Rapid processing without a time barrier within 45 days from the date of submission and article processing status will be often updated.
 A Manuscript will be sent to the author for revision considering the review comments.
The text should be in good English and accessible for ordinary person.
Introduction, results, discussion, conclusion should be clear and concise.
Provide accurate information of corresponding authors with contact details is mandatory for any future queries.

Plagiarism Check

Journal of Physics and Advanced Applications does not encourage any form of plagiarism, thus we strongly mention you to check your manuscript content before you submit a manuscript to any of our Journals.
Plagiarism can be check through online plagiarism software to minimize additional problems. It helps to avoid plagiarism. It will only take a limited transcript to check your file. We consider only 75% or more unique research work for publication.



All works published by Helics Group are under the standings of the Original Commons Attribution License. This license everyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work providing the unique work and source is properly cited.